Tyler Jackson Pritchard is a multidisciplinary artist focusing in painting and photography creating a new vernacular that bridges the gap between abstraction and representational art. His work expresses external/internal struggle and the underlying constructs and forms that result.

Jackson's paintings teem with a raw yet reserved energy. His diversity of subject matter, genres, and techniques parallels the multiplicity and complexity of themes he explores through his work such as grief, catharsis, conquest and elation.

He uses his most recognizable motif of continuous intersecting lines as a linguistic evolution, with a full range of tonality. With seemingly haphazard layers of overlapping strokes, he evokes a mysterious intricacy of how the individual processes imagery or events; the fury, meditative, complexity, clarity, masochism and benevolence appear random yet methodical.

“Each interaction you have with a piece of art depends in large part on what you bring to it and each time it’s a new conversation. As we grow, learn, and experience life, what we think and the way we think shifts, even through affirmation. Each piece also has a life cycle of change as it moves through time so when you interact again, the conversation progresses. I seek to open a dialogue not to make a statement.”
– Jackson

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